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New Boiler Installation

Choosing a business and what boiler may be best for your property doesn't have to be difficult.  From system designs, heat calculations in order to get the best efficiency therefore saving electric and gas to what brand, we can do it all. 

All our boiler installs include the following:

  • Boiler plus 2018 compliant controls

  • Magna Cleanse heating flush compliant with BS 7593:2019 which includes installation of primary heating filter to keep your heating running for longer

  • Cold water filter and shock arrestor (if required)

  • All electrical and brickwork taken care off

  • Fully insured and certificated 

  • All rubbish disposed of

  • Parts and Labour warranty 5 years to 12 years direct from manufacturer and dependant on boiler

What boiler is best for my property?

Below you will find explanations of the different types of boilers available along with some of the advantages and dis-advantages

Combination Boiler

Combination boilers combine both the heating and the hot water in one central unit.  There is no need for an external cylinder or tanks in the loft.  Advantages are better efficiency as there is no hot water cylinder and therefore only paying for what you use along with space saving. 

System Boiler

System boilers are the same size as a combination boiler and contains an internal pump and an expansion vessel.  System boilers are a pressurised system on the heating side but still require a hot water cylinder and hot water storage tank in the loft.  System boilers are commonly used with unvented cylinders in bigger properties.

Heat Only Boiler

Heat only boilers are typically used in bigger properties that require a larger than normal pump or for those properties that already have a heat only boiler and can be a replacement for those who wish for minimal disruption.

Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump

Hybrid heat pumps combine the efficiency of the air source heat pump with the convenience of a combination boiler for the hot water.  The best of both worlds and a great middle ground.

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