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Renewable Technology
Let us take care of everything!

We look at the current technology within the industry and regularly attend training specifically for air source in order to provide you with a system that works with you and not provide a system that you will regret in the future.  We are currently fitting HYBRID air source heating units which allows the best of both worlds such as consumer flexibility and long term savings while maintaining the customer's convenience.  Feel free to enquire for more information.

Engineering Sketch

Heating & Hot Water Design

All designs are carried out based on the customer's needs and system dependant we may get specialist companies into carry out design work.

Paper Diary

Schedule of Works

If agreed, we always provide you with a schedule of works so you know what day and what time each trade will be arriving and what they will be doing from start to finish.  Our time management skills help us to carry out all the works to the highest standard in the least amount of time with the smallest inconvenience to you.

British Pound Coins

Cost Savings

We work with local merchants and have access to great savings, we take those savings and always pass this on to the customer.

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