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Boiler Repair

If you come home to a problem with your boiler that leaves you without heating or hot water, it may not be the end for the boiler.  Get in contact with Titan Heating & Plumbing Services.  We have over 20 years repair experience repairing boilers and heating systems, and in our experience most issues can be resolved with a simple fix that wont end up costing the earth.

You can book your repair by using the book online feature or by calling 07555725785.  If your repair is of a more urgent nature and there looks to be no slots please feel free to call and we will book you in within your timescales.


How much is a call out?

The cost of repairing your boiler will depend on the fault itself.  Although we do charge a diagnostic fee, this is covered within the first hour of working.  So if we fix the fault within that time you don’t pay a penny more.  Our experienced engineers often get you up and running within that first hour but in the event that you require parts we work with various merchants to get that part to you and fitted within a very small timescale.  

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